Our proven marketing strategy consistently fills your events with 40+ qualified prospects who are ready to pay for treatment - even if you only accept cash.



We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you - regenerative medicine doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or difficult to market.



Our “Patient Capture” system combines data and analytics with advanced messaging and follow-up for unparalleled results.

RC Digital is your partner in
highly-profitable regenerative
medicine marketing.

We’ll help you find the leads and convert the leads that can’t wait to become your patients.

People Based Marketing

Leverage buyer data from the biggest media platforms to target the people you know are ready to buy your services. Most marketing agencies don’t have access to this exclusive market data.

“Hands Off” Event Marketing

We’ll combine powerful data with a 24/7 call center to consistently fill your seminars or online events with 30-40 qualified prospects. You’ll only see the prospects who are actively looking for your services, and we’ll handle the time consuming follow-up.

Direct Consult Marketing

Don’t want to use seminars? No problem – we can also send leads directly to a consult at your clinic. With proven, time tested advertising strategies and assets created just for your clinic, you can rapidly start generating 3-5 new leads per day.

Strategic Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising is only effective if a highly targeted approach is used. Our data-driven strategies are proven to bring you qualified leads, even in the most crowded markets and cities.

Effective Google Advertising

Tap into the enormous potential of Google searches to bring in qualified leads. Google search, display, and video (YouTube) ads are one of the best ways to find patients – but only if you know how to stand out. We can help.

Retargeting & Filtration System

Any agency can generate leads – but if those leads weren’t qualified in the first place, they won’t turn into clients. Our retargeting and filtering system separates the tire kickers from the leads who are ready to buy – and we’ll follow up on leads who missed their appointment or seminar.

24 / 7 Call Center for Follow ups

Your staff don’t need more busy work. We’ll take care of calling leads to follow-up, confirm appointments, and more until they walk into your clinic or seminar. If they missed their date, we’ll call to reschedule.

Email Marketing Automation

Email is one of the best ways to re-activate old leads, nurture prospects, and stay top-of-mind for past patients. Statistics show that 80% of leads will be lost if not nurtured – but with correct follow-up sales can increase by 50% or more.

Social Media Management

Leads and patients will expect your clinic to have a presence on social media. Keeping your channels updated with posts, articles, and branded content to engage them can be challenging. Let us build your presence with bespoke content and graphics – social doesn’t have to be a burden.

The RC Digital Difference

Our team is the market leader in new patient generation, retention, and reactivation in the healthcare industry. We specialize in regenerative and integrative medicine – including chiropractic, dental, medical spas, and more.

Over more than 20 years in the industry, we’ve developed original, breakthrough techniques that produce reliable and effective results. Our passion, creativity, and dedication to results shines through in all of our work.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past, or where your marketing is currently at, we can help you establish an online presence, bring in new patients, and increase your revenue.

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Done for your lead generation

We manage everything, so you can focus on your practice

We manage everything, so you can focus on your practice

We’ll maximize your online advertising efforts and scale your clinic, while you save time & increase your collections!



Ad Optimization

Enjoy Machine Learning & a team of CRO experts working full time on data analysis focused on improving your ad performance



Average Conversion Increase

Increase your conversion margin targeting the right audience at the right time



Transparency & Control

Get a report of your campaign’s impact and performance adjusting each decision in real time

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RC Digital Has You Covered

All our plans come with daily reporting, responsive support & control over your campaigns.

Easy Install

Just install our tracking code and where your conversion takes place in your funnel and we are off to the races.

Helpful Support

Our support is available through live chat, email & text message. Stay in contact and in control of your campaigns.

Daily Reporting

Get reports emailed to you every day, week or month with in depth detail on how your campaigns are running.



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