Month: January 2019

30 Jan 2019

4 Social Media Marketing Bad Habits (and How to Break Them)

Social media is the one thing that almost everyone has access to, yet few fully understand, and this is especially true when it comes to business. Many people – even some with years of marketing experience – believe that posting pretty pictures on Instagram is “doing social media,” when posting images is really only the […]

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29 Jan 2019

LinkedIn’s Developing its Own Form of Lookalike Audiences, According to Reports

While the platform doesn’t move as fast as others in terms of innovation and new developments, LinkedIn has slowly but surely been upgrading its ad options – and reportedly, businesses are taking notice of the shift. As explained by Digiday, an increasing number of marketers are now looking to shift their ad budgets away from Facebook […]

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28 Jan 2019

4 Ways to Use Social Analytics to Maximize Your Efforts

Anyone who reads my posts would know that I love social media analytics – I honestly can’t stress enough how important it is to keep track of how your social media accounts are performing, so you can capitalize on what’s working and drop what isn’t. In this post, I’m going to look at four ways […]

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24 Jan 2019

LinkedIn Adds New Interest Targeting Options for Ad Campaigns

Hey, remember how LinkedIn suddenly re-added hashtags a couple of years back, and then started prompting users to add them wherever possible to better categorize and sort content on the platform? As it turns out, that wasn’t just to help users find more relevant content – this week, LinkedIn has announced a new set of ‘interest targeting’ options within its Campaign […]

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22 Jan 2019

Why Your Website Forms May Be Costing You Millions

A few minor tweaks to your internet forms can add up to a significant increase in lead capture results. In our evolving digital world, every business faces increasing pressure to operate a fully functioning and accessible websiteone that is responsive no matter which device your audience uses to browse. But even after you’ve aced the checklist for […]

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21 Jan 2019

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday Today! 😄 🎉🎉 I’m another year older but definitely wiser, smarter, happier and grateful! There are so many things I’m grateful for the past year but  … Having “Time” with my 6 year old twins and my husband is what I’m most thankful and grateful for. I was struck by what my twins wrote […]

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17 Jan 2019

7 Smart Ways to Drive Conversions on Social Media

Got loads of fans for your social media campaigns? Yes? Give yourselves a pat on the back. Feels good to have all those views, likes, shares, and comments for your video, images, and posts, right? Now what are you going do with all that attention on your brand? It’s one thing to be seen. It’s […]

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16 Jan 2019

6 Common, Budget-Killing Facebook Ad Errors (and How to Correct Them)

Are you hurting your own advertising budget in easily-preventable ways? If you’re not paying attention to the pitfalls of Facebook advertising, you might be. Facebook advertising is one of the best ways for you to bring attention to your business. At the moment, Facebook holds more than one in five digital advertising dollars in the United States. […]

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