Month: February 2019

28 Feb 2019

LinkedIn Expands Rollout of ‘What People Are Talking About’​ Trending News Section

You may have noticed a new section like this popping up to the right of your LinkedIn desktop feed: As you can see in the screenshot (provided by Anna Slingo), the new option showcases trending content as it happens, highlighting the key conversation points on LinkedIn at any given moment (curated by LinkedIn’s editorial team). The […]

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27 Feb 2019

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the heart of any social media strategy – neglecting to create valuable and engaging social media content will leave you extremely frustrated with your results. And while creating a social media content strategy isn’t rocket science, many brands miss the mark, and fail to deliver on what users are seeking from companies when […]

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25 Feb 2019

LinkedIn Launches its Own Variation of Live-Streaming Called ‘LinkedIn Live’​

LinkedIn is not known for its speed of innovation, but after launching stickers and frames for video last March, and testing its own variation of Stories more recently, the professional social network is now taking on another social innovation by adding its own live-streaming option.  As reported by TechCrunch, LinkedIn’s new live video tool – called ‘LinkedIn Live’ – will provide […]

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19 Feb 2019

6 Must-Do’s for Effective Social Media Marketing

A lot of businesses do social media marketing wrong. They hear everyone screaming, “You must have a social media presence,” but what that entails isn’t always spelled out correctly. Social media marketing should be effective and affordable, and when done correctly, it can help scale businesses of all sizes. Just like with traditional channels such as television […]

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18 Feb 2019

New Report Looks at the Latest Trends in Facebook Page Engagement

What’s working on Facebook now, and how can you improve your Facebook Page engagement in 2019? To help get you on the right track, social analytics platform Quintly has released a new report, for which they analyzed over 94,000 Facebook Pages, and more than 105 million posts, in order to get a better handle on what’s working, and what’s […]

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15 Feb 2019

8 Things You Should Know About the Coming Facebook Messaging Integration

If you haven’t heard, Facebook recently confirmed that it’s working to integrate its three messaging platforms – Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp – in order to facilitate cross-platform communication for users. This is a huge development – the new infrastructure would keep the three applications distinct, while simultaneously enabling users of each platform to chat with each other, regardless of […]

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13 Feb 2019

3 Creative Valentine’s Day Social Media Campaign Ideas

Holidays provide a great opportunity to switch up your social marketing strategy, and engage your audience with fresh and timely content. Valentine’s Day is a holiday rooted in romance, and consumers are more than happy to spend their money to show their affections. According to research from the National Retailers Federation shoppers are set to spend almost […]

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11 Feb 2019

3 Simple Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Business Content

You have a website full of search engine optimized content. You consistently post articles to your blog. You’ve even put dollars behind promoting your content on social media. And yet, despite all of this, you aren’t seeing a subsequent increase in sales. If this sounds familiar, your content might be to blame – in this […]

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