Month: March 2019

29 Mar 2019

The 20 Keys to Creating an Inspiring Brand Story

If you want to form connections with potential customers and clients, having a great brand story is key. Brand stories enable people to identify with your brand and care about it – a brand story is the “why and how” of your business, including your driving mission, your struggles and your successes.  A brand story should not only […]

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28 Mar 2019

LinkedIn Announces New Data Partnership with Adobe to Improve Ad Targeting

LinkedIn continues to expand its audience targeting capability, this time through a new partnership with Adobe which will expand LinkedIn’s account-based marketing capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users. As explained by Adobe: “Adobe and Microsoft are aligning key data sources to populate account-based profiles in Adobe Experience Cloud, including Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. This will […]

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27 Mar 2019

5 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Small Businesses

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” This concept holds true, especially in business, and as a small B2B business owner, you need to be clear not only on your goals but also about the way you plan to achieve them. That means having a plan, and to successfully […]

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25 Mar 2019

The Non-Writers’​ Guide To Writing Better Social Media Copy

These days, there’s an almost endless array of options for promoting your small business or organization, with one of the most popular being to post about what you’re doing on social media. Suddenly, you’re expected to be a social media marketer in addition to whatever business you’ve started. To be fair, it’s true: Even if […]

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19 Mar 2019

LinkedIn Launches its ‘Marketing Buzzwords Bracket’​ Ahead of March Madness

Hey, have you had enough of every other guru telling you how to growth-hack and synergize your way into actionable, scalable and authentic marketing process? If that sentence triggered your cringe reflex, then this new bracket from LinkedIn is for you. Getting into the spirit of the NCAA ‘March Madness’ basketball tournament, LinkedIn has launched its inaugural […]

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15 Mar 2019

12 Common Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a whole bunch of creative content being made by brands and agencies right now, and more is on the way. According to the B2B Content Marketing 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report from Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing as part of their strategy for ultimately attracting and retaining customers.  The […]

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08 Mar 2019

A List of Must-haves for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

A few tips when kept in mind can help you create a foolproof digital marketing plan that is tailored for your brand and business Since the advent of the Internet, organizations have slowly understood the importance of advertising their product or services on digital platforms. The rise of digital marketing has a lot to do […]

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07 Mar 2019

7 Ways to Generate More Social Media Traffic in 2019

Want more social media buzz for your brand or business?  Here are my seven best tips for generating more social engagement, and traffic, in 2019. 1. Install a Facebook Customer Chatbot You know those customer chat widgets that pop up on the bottom of a website? You can take them to the next level with […]

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