Month: September 2019

28 Sep 2019

Drive More Patients To Your Practice

ATTN: Regenerative Medicine Practices looking to close more high case value patients Are you looking to Grow your Regenerative Practice? Or perhaps need more new patients for your Knee, Back, and Neuropathy program on a Predictable and Consistent Basis? Bob and Tina here… At RC Digital Consultancy, my team and I are laser focused in […]

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26 Sep 2019

Google Adds New Video Campaign Options, Including Home Screen Ads on YouTube

Google is launching some new options to help marketers better manage their video ad campaigns, and reach consumers where they’re most active. First off, Google’s adding new TrueView ads in the YouTube Home feed, “a tremendous opportunity for any advertiser looking to drive more, high value conversions”. It’s a fairly bold move from Google, inserting ads up […]

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25 Sep 2019

Instagram Shares Tips on How to Maximize Instagram Stories from Vice Media [Infographic]

With Stories use on the rise, and more brands looking at how to incorporate Stories into their digital marketing strategies, Instagram recently published a new set of tips from Vice Media, providing some insight into how Vice has used Stories to form stronger connection with its audience. The notes and insights cover how Vice plans its […]

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24 Sep 2019

4 Tips to Help Improve Your Employee Advocacy Efforts

There are many reasons why employers struggle to get their employees to engage with their company social media accounts. One of the most common reasons for lack of engagement is that employees view social media as their personal space – they enjoy keeping personal accounts separate from work, and the privacy that comes with it. […]

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21 Sep 2019

Why the Future of Influencer Marketing will be Organic Influencers

Influence has long been at the core of marketing – seeking it, amassing it, then effectively wielding it to achieve your goals. It’s also, uncoincidentally, what gave rise to the influencer marketing industry.  But after riding high on the growing ubiquity of social platforms and the democratization of celebrity over the past decade, it seems […]

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19 Sep 2019

Facebook Outlines Evolving Efforts to Detect and Remove Hate Speech and Extremist Content

As social media has grown, so too has its capacity to promote extremism, and connect users with likeminded people who support damaging anti-social ideals.  Unity always been the key promise of social media, facilitating a more connected society – and while, in most cases, that’s a positive benefit, it’s equally possible that disillusioned and misguided […]

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17 Sep 2019

Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Used the right way, chatbots can boost leads, customer engagement and sales. Technological advancements have made it possible for marketers and business owners to strategize their marketing campaigns in various social media platforms. Consumers nowadays rely on the internet when they want to look for products or services they need. Social media has opened up […]

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17 Sep 2019

More Details Emerge Around Facebook’s Coming News Section

As we move closer to an official release, more details are slowly emerging about Facebook’s new dedicated news section, which will showcase content from a selection of ‘trusted’ publishing partners, in an effort to boost engagement and discussion across The Social Network. News has long been a sticky subject for Facebook. Largely blamed for fueling movements based […]

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13 Sep 2019

4 Key Tips on Building an Effective Content Curation Strategy

Consistently creating new content is both challenging and time-consuming – but in order to compete in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, it’s a virtual necessity in your process. From self-employed freelancers to multinational corporations, everyone’s looking to maintain a constant stream of clever, engaging social media content to keep their audience interested. That, of course, […]

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