Month: November 2019

30 Nov 2019

3 User-Centric Content Optimization Tactics You are Not Using But Should Be

A user-centric content optimization strategy is the one that puts your target customer or reader in the main focus. It would seem weird this strategy even exists… After all, shouldn’t any content marketing strategy be centered around your target customers? Sadly, it’s usually not the case… Historically, there are 2 groups of content marketers: Those […]

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29 Nov 2019

What is a Tracking Pixel—Explained in 800 Words or Less

In the digital marketing world, you hear the words “tracking pixel” or just “pixel” thrown around a lot, often times without any context as to what the heck it is. So, before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s start with the basics… Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and an ad shows up […]

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28 Nov 2019

The Seven Secrets of Social Success

Back in 1997, fresh from quitting uni’ and joining a local start-up, Social Media wasn’t a thing. I remember that light-bulb moment when we started to refer to the extranets we were building as Social Engines and everything is a blur from there. Flash forward to the last days of 2018 and the role of […]

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27 Nov 2019

Facebook Faces New Legal Challenge with 9 US States Launching an Antitrust Probe

After recently settling with the FTC and SEC over data misuse – and paying a $5 billion fine – Facebook is facing yet another legal challenge, with New York’s Attorney General Letitia James announcing that she will lead a multi-state investigation into The Social Network over possible antitrust violations. Facebook is already involved in two other antitrust investigations – back in […]

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26 Nov 2019

New Report Looks at the Rise of Virtual Influencers on Instagram

Social media was created to facilitate human connection, to amplify our interactive capability by providing new ways for us to share our lives and experiences, and relate to others around the same.  Social media gurus have been preaching along these lines for years – in order to succeed on social platforms, you need to ‘be […]

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26 Nov 2019

What Is a Lead Magnet?

With the overwhelming amount of content available online these days, getting customer attention has become a real challenge. Most people only stay on websites for about 15 seconds, unless they’re being entertained (ex. YouTube). Even social media sites are experiencing the struggle. Sorry, Facebook. This makes it pretty difficult to retain a loyal audience. The advent […]

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25 Nov 2019

Snapchat looks to Stay Ahead of its AR Competition with $750k for Lens Creators

While Snapchat’s growth has been slowed by Instagram, one area in which Snap has continued to hold a lead is innovation, and creating standout, must-see new AR tools and visual features that get people talking about the app. We saw this again back June when Snapchat saw a huge increase in downloads following the launch of its ‘baby’ […]

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23 Nov 2019

Digital Marketing Mythbusters: 7 Myths Debunked

Did you know the Great Wall of China actually isn’t visible from space? At least not to the naked eye. Also: bats aren’t blind, Viking helmets didn’t have horns, and toilet water in the Southern hemisphere does NOT rotate the other direction. We love busting myths. So, in this article, we’re going to take 7 of the […]

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22 Nov 2019

Using UGC to Increase Brand Loyalty

Attracting customers is key, but retaining the right customers is essential to maximizing your business opportunities. A lot of the focus in social media marketing is on acquiring new leads, but it’s important to also take into account the value of repeat customers, and of inspiring brand loyalty. But a key element of brand loyalty […]

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21 Nov 2019

7 Rules of Social Media Automation

Effective social media marketing can be very demanding, and time-consuming, and as such, automation tools can be hugely beneficial. But there are also various potential pitfalls in using automation tools – the key lies in finding the balance between automation and personal engagement. But how do you do that? The below infographic from Blog2Social outlines some key […]

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