Month: January 2020

24 Jan 2020

How BarkBox Took an Obscure Holiday and Turned It into a Killer Social Media Campaign

January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day, and there are really only 2 types of people who know this: Squirrel enthusiasts BarkBox followers Squirrel enthusiasts love squirrels. BarkBox, on the other hand has taken this obscure holiday and turned it into a social media campaign that’s impossible not to talk about. In digital marketing, it’s easy […]

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20 Jan 2020

Your Content Probably Isn’t Unique (But This One Thing Can Help)

Here’s the thing about your content: it’s not unique. I know that may have come off harsh; but trust me—it’s okay! There are millions of blog posts published to websites and 500 hours of video published to YouTube each day.  If you’ve somehow cracked the code to creating brand-new content unlike anything else being published… let […]

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18 Jan 2020

How To Measure Social Media Engagement

No more excuses. It’s time that we justify the time, energy and money spent on social media in the same way we justify all of our other business activities. But it isn’t easy. In one case — it’s very difficult. In another, it’s actually very simple. We’ll talk about both and, in the end, you’ll have a […]

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14 Jan 2020

Tips From A Digital Marketing Agency On Creating Your Own Successful Ad Campaign in 2020

A successful lead generation campaign involves classifying prospective customers and qualifying their probability to buy. The purpose of lead generation may vary from driving sales to increasing webinar registrations. In the end, it is the same goal to take a user and turn them into a quality lead. As a digital marketing agency, we help our […]

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08 Jan 2020

Personalization 101: How to Personalize Your Marketing to Attract More Customers

Personalized marketing is creating a specific experience for individual users. While in the past marketers have been creating specific experiences for a group of users (think of basic retargeting ads or landing page copy), the digital landscape is maturing.  Great marketing will no longer mean choosing a lookalike audience on Facebook and hoping for the best. It […]

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04 Jan 2020

What is Experience Marketing?

Experience marketing, also referred to as “experiential marketing,” is a strategy that uses in-person events to promote products. Take pop-up shops or Apple’s legendary keynote, for example. Each of these events is experience marketing at work. They are designed to allow prospects to familiarize themselves with a product before purchasing it. A makeup or sneaker […]

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