18 Oct 2018

3 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs a Makeover

Marketers are like anyone else: We don’t always want to see what’s right in front of us.

If a marketing campaign isn’t performing well, there are any number of things we can blame it on.

The headline was wrong.

The ads weren’t targeted as tightly as they could have been.

The client had unrealistic expectations.

And while all of these things might be true at one time or another, if you find yourself falling back on these excuses frequently, then you can be fairly certain that these things are not the problem. They’re just symptoms of something bigger.

Admitting that you need to transform your digital marketing strategy can be difficult, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want your brand to continue to grow and evolve. Here are 6 signs that your marketing strategy is in need of a makeover.

Your engagement levels have reached a plateau.

While it’s not realistic to think that your engagement levels will continue to climb indefinitely, you should be wary when you notice that engagement is holding steady at a certain level, no matter what you do.

Engagement that seems to have stagnated is a sign that you’re not attracting new customers. And since a business can’t grow without attracting new customers, this means you’re in trouble.

It may be a sign that you’re not targeting the right audiences, or that you’re over-targeting one segment of your audience. Take a good look at your social media campaigns and advertising to see if you’re focusing too closely on one group, or alternatively, if you’re trying to appeal to everyone at once.

You’re not collecting enough email addresses.

How many is “enough”? That question will have a different answer for every brand, but in general, you need to be building your email list on a fairly steady basis. Just like your engagement levels, if you notice that your email sign-ups are staying low for months on end, it’s a sign that you need to change something.

After all, without emails, you don’t have leads.

To help improve your conversion rate and get more people to give you their email addresses, you can try several things.

First, try implementing dedicated landing pages (or alternatively, pop-up sign up forms). When people click on one of your blog posts, for example, you can send them to the post but include a pop-up that asks them to sign up for more posts on the topic they’re reading about.

Another option is to create more downloadable content that you give away in exchange for an email address. E-books, podcasts, webinars, or SlideShares are all good options.

Finally, you want to make sure that your sign-up form is clearly visible on your website. Is it tucked away in a corner? Move it so that it’s easy to find. That alone might help increase your conversion rate.

People aren’t clicking on your content.

If you’re churning out content regularly, but people aren’t clicking on it, that could be a sign that your content marketing lacks a singular vision or focus.

That means it’s time for a content audit. Do the topics you’re writing about match what your customers search for? Does your content help guide your customer through the purchasing process, or is it fragmented?

Once you’ve gone through the content you have, it’s time to write out a new content strategy. You need to have content designed for each step of the purchasing process (or sales funnel), as well as content that appeals to each segment of your audience (or buyer persona).

Expect to invest some time in this – you want to be proactive, not reactive, and that takes a good deal of planning.

Reworking your marketing strategy requires not only time and resources, but also honesty. Admitting that what we’re doing isn’t working isn’t always easy, but it’s vital if we want our brands to succeed.

Reference: https://www.inc.com/shama-hyder/3-signs-your-digital-marketing-strategy-needs-a-makeover.html?cid=search

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