Case Study

Stop begging for high-case-value patients and see...

How TOP Medical Doctors & Practices Take Advantage of The "Big Brother Secret" to Overflow Their Seminars or Clinic With Qualified NEW Patients

Dear Friend,

I want you to meet Dr. Des.

Dr. Desiree is a chiropractor who built a regenerative practice with a team of medical practitioners. She does dinner seminars selling stem-cell procedures to patients. Normally Dr. Des had 13 people show up. And out of those 13 people, one or two would buy. Now, she's got on the average 30 people and 7 to 10 people will buy.

Why is that? Is she a better doctor?

Perhaps, but in my experience there's actually a lot of bad doctors who see more patients.

Could it be her reputation?

Sure, referrals are great but you can't count on them.

What about her marketing?

Well THAT is where it gets interesting.

Now, if you're like most most docs, you've tried a Facebook Ad or two...

But chances are you've missed this weird...


"Big Brother Secret" of In-Market Data

There's problem right now with most marketing agencies helping regenerative, integrative and chiropractic practices.

Most of the money goes to those who we "think" want your care. The money is WASTED on
deal-hunters, penny-pinchers, and patients who won't listen.

And you can forget about signing them up for long-term care.

Look, this can be EASILY avoided just by knowing the right crowd.

Let me explain:

Most major buying decisions start online with research. We go to certain sites and educate ourselves before forking over thousands.

The cool part? Those Google searches are all tracked. Even for sites we don't own.

And because it's all tracked, we can target those same people with ads only if you have the secret tool.

Instead of marketing to a needle in a hay stack, "In-Market" Data is like marketing to a stack of needles. It only shows ads to people who're ACTIVELY LOOKING for a solution. And because you send ads to those who care, you save a heaps of money.

Look, it may sound a little creepy but there are certain digital pixels that are following people around the internet.

You can use those to make sure the only people who show up to your seminars are the ones who need care.

But here's the kicker...

Not every marketing agency has this data. Not every agency specializes in chiropractic. And fewer "live" within regenerative medicine. Heck, only a few have their own call centers to follow up on all the new business you'll be getting.

It's why we're so excited to introduce...

"Hands-Off" Medical Events Campaigns
With a Guaranteed 8X ROI

At RC Digital we marry the power of In-Market Data with a well-oiled 24/7 call center to create a "hands-off" medical seminar experience. It means only seeing patients that are actively looking for stem cell and leaving the annoying follow up to us.


“Great with follow thru leaving me with less staff headaches since the call center handles the entire seminar confirmations ” - Dr. Edlund

“…Consistently get our stem cell marketing events filled week after week” - Cade Archibald

“She’s been great to work with. She’s done everything that we ask her to do. Always comes up with new ideas how to make things better. " - Dr. Pugh

“I’ve been working with RC Digital for about 6 months now, and we’ve seen steady and consistent results" - Dr. Jacobs

“With RC Digital Consultancy, we did two events on the same day and both events were filled to capacity, so, that was a great result for us." - Dr. Ishigo

“… our stem cell seminar was full house on a snowy Pennsylvania night and we got as high as 10:1 return” - Dr. Vinton