21 Jan 2019

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday Today! 😄 🎉🎉

I’m another year older but definitely wiser, smarter, happier and grateful!

There are so many things I’m grateful for the past year but  …

Having “Time” with my 6 year old twins and my husband is what I’m most thankful and grateful for.

I was struck by what my twins wrote during our 2019 family goal setting …

My son Matthew wrote: “Mommy to have time to play with me … 

My daughter Bianca wrote: “I just want to spend time with mommy …

You see being an entrepreneur and a business owner requires hard work and time which I’m sure you can relate.

That’s why the past year, I have focused heavily in the building an unattackable processes and systems that allows me to have that “Time” freedom that I so wanted for myself and family…

While running 7 figure digital marketing agencies that focused primarily in helping medical and healthcare practices acquire new patients strategically using our C.R.U.I.S.E predictive practice marketing blueprint.

  • CREATE high converting marketing campaigns
  • REACH highly qualified target audiences
  • UNIQUE new patient generation, retention, reactivation system
  • INTELLIGENT data driven solutions
  • SYSTEMATIC patient journey mapping process
  • EXCEPTIONAL 24×7 call center

In 2018 alone, we promoted over 1000++ regenerative and integrative type of seminars and 300++ medical related direct consult campaigns both generating more than 80,000 Leads and generated a potential $20M in total revenue across all our clients.

This year, my goal is to help as many medical practice owners understand the value as well as implement a predictive practice marketing blueprint that not only generate new patients but also retain and reactive prospective and current patients, like clock-work.

That way, you’ll have more time for yourself and your family while having a successful business with un-attackable systems that doesn’t require you to be there all the time.

A mentor once told me …“If you are not PRESENT with family, and you are focused on your business nearly 100% of the time, it’s important to evaluate your priorities. ⚖️ 🤔

My birthday wish is for you to commit to spend time for yourself and your loved ones.

So, what’s holding you back from having that “Time” freedom?

Cheers to an amazing week (and year) ahead.


I Help Medical Practices Explode their business by getting 8X ROI using Data-Driven and Predictive Marketing Strategies

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