26 Aug 2019

How To Get Medical Marketing That Truly Converts

“Our campaign was great, we reached about 30,000 people and a lot of likes on our #StemCellSeminar campaign on Facebook but the sad part is NO ONE SHOWED UP at the event”

Does that sound familiar?

I got a call from a client who we have been helping fill his Osteoarthritis and Stem Cell events for the past months. But last month, he told me he is going to pause as he wanted to give a chance to some marketer who’s a good friend of his partner. So, I said, ok.

But tonight, I got a text from him asking for a callback and that he needed to speak to me about re-activating the seminar and direct to consult campaigns.

So, I gave him a call and told him to fill out the seminar intake form and send me an email so I can re-activate the direct to consult too.

Then before we hang up the call, I asked him about how his last campaign with another marketer. And this is what he said…



Thing is … you don’t need likes, you need these likes to convert to leads who will show up at your events.

Check out a client’s full house event – Regenerative Medicine and Neuropathy Event in South Carolina.



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