21 Jun 2019

Instagram Will Now Keep All Content Captured in the Stories Camera for Seven Days

Instagram is rolling out another small Stories tweak, this time giving users more options on the content they capture within the Stories camera.

As shown in the below tweet, any content you capture via the Instagram Stories camera will now be kept on hand for posting any time for the proceeding week.

As noted in Instagram’s description:

“Take as many photos and videos as you like, then post your favorites later”

The option will make it easier for users to curate their best Stories content – which is often what Instagram is criticized for (promoting shiny, highlight reels of people’s lives, as opposed to real experiences), but is also how users continue to post to the platform. 

For brands, it could come in handy – now, you’ll be able to take a heap of photos and videos at once, then select the best options to edit and post to your Stories after the fact. You could already do this to some degree by Camera Roll uploads, but this will be native to Instagram, making it a little easier to do.

It’s a minor change, but worth noting in your process. There’s no word on when this will be fully rolled out to all users at this stage.


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