07 Nov 2019

LinkedIn’s Testing a New Option Which Would Enable Mass Actions on Messages

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This will be welcome news for those making large-scale use of LinkedIn messaging.

According to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, LinkedIn is now experimenting with new mass actions in your LinkedIn InMail inbox, which would enable you to select multiple messages and either delete, archive or mark them as unread in one hit.

The functionality itself is fairly commonplace in most email providers, but not on LinkedIn. At the moment, if you want to clean up your LinkedIn messages, you have to do so one by one – there are some hacks out there which enable multi-message deletion, but there’s no official functionality that facilitates such. 

This could make it a lot easier to clean out your LinkedIn inbox, and clarify who, exactly, you need to stay in touch with, and which threads you can forget.The use of LinkedIn messaging has been on the rise in the last couple of years, and this addition would be in line with other InMail upgrades, including the capacity to attach a broader range of file types and video messaging.

It’s a fairly logical addition – there’s no word on if/when it might be released, but expect to see it rolled out in the live version shortly. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/linkedins-testing-a-new-option-which-would-enable-mass-actions-on-messages/564990/

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