18 Feb 2019

New Report Looks at the Latest Trends in Facebook Page Engagement

What’s working on Facebook now, and how can you improve your Facebook Page engagement in 2019?

To help get you on the right track, social analytics platform Quintly has released a new report, for which they analyzed over 94,000 Facebook Pages, and more than 105 million posts, in order to get a better handle on what’s working, and what’s not, for brands on The Social Network.

And the insights may prove key in your planning – here’s what they found.

First off, in what’s become a very familiar message, Quintly found that video posts on Facebook generate significantly more engagement than link posts – 258% more according to Quintly’s numbers. Yet, despite this, brands are still far more likely to post links:

“55% of the 105 million analyzed posts were Link posts. Photos were used in 29% of them and videos made up around 14%.” 

Of course, it’s logical that more businesses would post links – businesses are keen to drive traffic back to their own sites, as opposed to holding a captive audience on Facebook, while video is also more difficult to produce, especially at high enough quality for business purposes.

Really, this finding is probably not revealing anything you don’t already know, especially if you stay in touch with digital marketing trends. Yes, video performs better, on every platform, and you should be looking into creating your own video content. If you can – if you can’t, image posts come in second Quintly’s findings, with basic status updates also driving more engagement than link posts.

Again, most businesses are looking to drive traffic, rather than simply boost their Facebook engagement – but the data shows that it may be worth mixing it up every now and then in order to increase community interaction, and subsequent reach for future posts, which could help drive better Facebook performance.

If you have any ideas for video or image-based content, in alignment with your broader strategic goals, it may be worth experimenting.

Quintly also took a look at engagement by day, and found that weekends see higher overall Page engagement on average.

There’s less competition for attention on weekends, and people have more free time. If you’ve not tried posting on weekends, it may also be worth testing, just to see what results you get, and whether your audience is more receptive to those posts.

There are a heap more insights in Quintly’s full report, which you can access here (w/email sign-up). And while the findings largely reinforce what’s you would have seen in similar studies, there is some good food for thought here, some interesting notes to consider. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/new-report-looks-at-the-latest-trends-in-facebook-page-engagement/548384/

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