“Great with follow thru leaving me with less staff headaches since the call center handles the entire seminar confirmations ”  – Dr. Edlund

“…Consistently get our stem cell marketing events filled week after week” – Cade Archibald

“She’s been great to work with. She’s done everything that we ask her to do. Always comes up with new ideas how to make things better. ” – Dr. Pugh

“I’ve been working with RC Digital for about 6 months now, and we’ve seen steady and consistent results” – Dr. Jacobs

“With RC Digital Consultancy, we did two events on the same day and both events were filled to capacity, so, that was a great result for us.” – Dr. Ishigo

“… our stem cell seminar was full house on a snowy Pennsylvania night and we got as high as 10:1 return”   – Dr. Vinton 

“Thank y’all for all the hard work. Very pleased! Check out today’s event, we have 39 attendees and have 21 scheduled for a consult! We are going to have a great time working together. ”  – Dr. Scott

“Today’s event is so much better! Give my thanks to your call center team… 33 attendees and 19 scheduled for consult.  ”  – Dr. Todd

What happens when you apply In-Market Data:

When you apply In-Market Data in your advertising, you basically get QUALIFIED leads since you are remarketing to a list of qualified people within your area who are already looking for your services. In short, you are skipping the line… you are getting infront of line … You eliminate the hit and miss, and blind targeting. 

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